MineOne High Return Fund Aims to Deliver Stable Crypto Mining Value Investments

We help investors gain exposure to Crypto without having to deal with the uncertainty of holding the asset directly and enjoy stable return with sufficient downside protection

Investment Strategy

BTC- 355 PH/s, with 4,000+ miners deployed in North America
Data Center Operation
Building and operating industrial scale data centers in North America with low electricity cost
Our Strength
  • Data Centers
    Experienced construction and operation team 75MW in Wyoming, US (in progress) Operation in Georgia and Indiana, US on hosting basis
  • Mining Machines
    Flexible acquisition strategy Multiple supplier resources R&D in manufacturing and maintenance
  • Power Management
    Flexible acquisition strategy Stable electricity connection
  • Professional Team
    Crypto mining veteran + finance expert 8+ years of mining experience, strong financing capabilities Navigated through multiple boom and bust cycles